For millennia, India has had its own educational methodology that is firmly rooted in the scientific tenets of analysis, logic, experiential validation, and repeatability. Vedas form the base of its unique knowledge culture, while accommodating regional indigenous disciplines over time.

Ayurveda and Yoga are fruits of the Vedic system that are highly valued and popular today. However, it is lesser known that at their base lies a firm theoretical foundation of deep, holistic study of nature, human psychology, and of knowledge itself, its means (observation), methods (logic and language) and validation (experimentation). By Vedic Sciences, we refer to this collective body of India’s native knowledge base, and not merely its religious aspect as commonly misunderstood.

MITSVS offers university programs as well as certificate programs in Vedic Sciences. The below table provides a gist of all such programs. University program details can be found by clicking on left hand sidebars, while details of the certificate programs can be found on the following link. Certificate programs offer the much needed flexibility to working professionals. https://www.mitvedicsciences.com/masters-certificate-in-vedic-sciences/

Programs in Vedic Sciences