Significance of the Logo

Our logo represents holistic education that covers knowledge from inner to outer nature (as opposed to the western approach, which proceeds from outer to inner nature). The depth of knowledge at these levels is represented by the gradation of colors (white to red).

The innermost brightest spot is the Self (OM), which is everything in its core essence. The golden disc around is the inner thought worlds including Mind and Praana with seed ideas controlling outer nature (bhuvaH, svaH). The outermost red square is the manifest physical nature (bhuuH). Red light has lowest energy, yellow has higher and white covers the full spectrum.

The logo also represents the Vedic view of education, which covers three levels:

  • Knower (white, the self or subject) – consciousness, psychology, aesthetics
  • Knowledge and its instruments/methods (golden disc or the world of ideas, mind and senses) – logic, communication, knowledge sciences
  • Known (red, the objective world – Modern education focuses on the third, and gives no formal training to hone the instruments of knowledge – middle disc) – all other sciences

The logo also represents the flexibility and power bestowed by knowledge at various levels. The outer square has only finite # of corners indicating limited degrees of freedom in the physical universe. The circles have infinite corners indicating infinite flexibility and power.

Finally, the logo also represents the open-minded approach of Vedic Sciences. The four openings denote four gateways to knowledge in the form of the four Veda classes. It is open-ended to new scientific discoveries and their applications.