Psychology – the science of mind and behaviour – is both, a thriving academic discipline and a vital profession. It is one of the most interesting fields of study because it is about “us” and about perception, imagination, dreams, love, hate, morality, happiness and depression. Thus, it is about everything that matters to human beings and gives us clarity about our own self, along with insights into others’ behaviour and mental processes.

Psychology plays an important role in understanding and analysing human behaviour. Thus, study of psychology helps in effective management in all walks of life including IT, finance and other corporate sectors.

Integral Psychology aims to bring together the Modern Perspectives and Vedic Perspectives on the mind (manas), intellect (buddhi), ego (ahankara), consciousness (chitta). The students will get the holistic view of Psychology through application of the ancient and modern wisdom in a pragmatic way to manage mind, body and soul; which will help them in their career prospects.

This program is designed to groom the next generation of holistic counsellors, psychotherapists and leadership coaches who will be armed with the best of modern and ancient knowledge to get insights into human behaviour.