MIT SVS Programs are designed to groom the next generation of professionals who have the advantage of using the knowledge imbibed from Vedic sciences integrated with modern education and technology and applying it in contemporary areas of work and research that impact socially and benefit individually.

SVS has the dual responsibility to inspire and educate the MIT-ADT academic community (students and faculty) about Vedic sciences and their applications. Hence we plan to offer four types of courses:

  • Appreciation courses that introduce an aspect of vedic science highlighting contemporary value, and kindle interest to attend a full course. They have no load outside class attendance.
  • Foundation courses that are common prerequisites to study any vedic science. They include Samskrit, basics of India’s native education system, its methods and branches of knowledge.
  • Stream-oriented courses that delve deeper into vedic subjects relevant to a modern discipline.
  • Research courses that involve doing a research-grade project in a specific area.

The subjects of Vedic education in its purest form as traditionally studied up to two centuries ago are called the chaturdasha vidya sthaanas. They are broadly categorized as varna-based and ashrama-based. While the former provide the conceptual knowledge relevant to one’s varna (or area of interest or profession), the latter deal with applying that knowledge in various stages of one’s life.

The modern education system deals with different perspectives of Nature or human activity as separate subjects of study, e.g., physics, chemistry, mathematics, management, politics, sociology, engineering etc. Hence these two streams approach education in different ways. Below, we outline the two streams and identify the subjects of study under the Vedic streams. We intend to offer courses based on the Vedic stream classification, and prescribe various combinations of them to serve different contemporary educational streams. This is to preserve the integrated approach of Vedic education.

University Degree Programs

Certificate Programs