Learning new additional skills is often a difficult task for full-time students due to paucity of time. But the short-term enrichment courses of MITSVS offer flexibility. They combine the best of both the worlds; viz. 21st century advancements and time-tested Indic principles. If your scientific temper urges you to know more about India’s knowledge tradition, now is a great opportunity. Many among the younger generation are not satisfied merely venerating this tradition, but want to study and apply it in real life. These courses won’t spoon feed the student on a particular shaastra. Instead, they teach the student how to navigate the Vedic knowledge ecosystem and undertake further self-study/research. Going forward, all disciplines and sectors will increasingly draw upon the sustainable Indic practices for solving contemporary problems. Those well-versed with Indic knowledge will add a new dimension to their respective careers.

The discipline-specific courses are open to students of specific disciplines of MIT-ADT University. They could be mandatory or elective courses. Electives are divided into Basic, Advanced-1 and Advanced-2, which may be taught by SVS faculty or students may undertake research courses as independent study projects.