Maharshi Veda Vyas MIT School of Vedic Sciences

The mission of MIT School of Vedic Sciences in particular and MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions in general, is to provide higher education that systematically trains the youth to be physically tenacious, intellectually sharp, emotionally balanced, spiritually elevated and socially responsible.

The founders believe that for all-round welfare and elevation of the society; a deep understanding and practical application of India’s Vedic knowledge heritage is essential. In addition, keen acumen (called Viveka in Samskrit) is required to apply the Vedic insights in the current context. India’s native educational tradition has excellent methodologies to cultivate the necessary intellectual and emotional culture among youth.

However, mainstream education system has so far ignored the Indic dimension. Hence, to impart this vital knowledge to the next generation of individuals for its application in daily life and to prepare them for taking this noble work ahead, MAEER’s MIT SVS was launched. The time is ripe for reintroducing Vedic knowledge among the youth, since on the one hand the macro level interest in sustainable Indic practices is on the rise globally, and on the other, the focus at the individual level among the youth is also slowly shifting from a merely economic outlook to a more balanced socio-spiritual-environmental viewpoint.